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30 Minute Psychic Reading or 30 Minute Medium Communication
17-11-2018 15:48

Colleen Hague is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Aromatherapist. This certificate provides you with a 30 minute Psychic Reading OR a 30 minute Medium Communication.

A psychic reading looks at you, the sitter - the energies surrounding you currently and what is going on in your life. This is all about you, your career, your home life, what is and isn't working for you. Discovering talents that you didn't know you had, opportunities just waiting to be explored, new paths and directions.

In a Medium Communication, Colleen connects with those who have transitioned to Spirit. This could be a loved one or friend who you wish to connect with. She first provides EVIDENCE that she has connected with someone you know. Once they have established the connection, she will pass along messages from the Spirit Communicator (your friend or loved one). More than one Spirit Communicator may come forward however; Colleen cannot guarantee who comes in. Spirit sends us who we need to hear from, not who we want to hear from.

Both readings can be done in person or by phone as distance communication. For distance readings, she will ask for your name, a photo if possible and the phone number where she can reach you. In person readings are held in her home or yours if you are in the Kingston area.

Donated by Colleen Hague