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TrueSharp Power Rotary Blade Sharpener
17-11-2018 10:16

If you use a rotary blade cutter for fabric cutting, then the TrueSharp Power Rotary Blade Sharpener is indispensible. Sharpen your rotary blades with the push of a button! Capable of sharpening 28mm; 45mm; and 60mm blades no matter how dull. Use the fine grit stones for everyday sharpening and coarse-grit stones for those extra dull blades. This package contains one TrueSharp Power Rotary Blade Sharpener; one safety blade handler; one set of Fine-Grit Stones (installed); one set of Coarse-Grit Stones; a cleaning cloth; and blade oil. Sharpener measures 3x3x5 inches. Blades and cutter not included.KG100.3